Medical Negligence*

We, at Crimmins Howard Solicitors recognise that for a person to attend for medical treatment and suffer injury as a result is extremely distressing and difficult.   We are happy to assist clients who have suffered as a result of medical negligence. We will listen carefully to your account of events so as to be able to provide you with practical and impartial advice.  We are happy to explain to clients the process involved in pursuing an action for medical negligence and also the risks.   We will use plain language where possible so that the client is aware of what is involved and so as to ensure that the right decision can be made as to how best to progress your case.

In order to establish if there is a case for medical negligence it is necessary to consider all medical and factual information available in respect of your treatment.  We will assemble a team of suitably qualified experts to assist you with your case.    It is important to bear in mind that in order to prove that a doctor has been negligent it is necessary to prove that no reasonably competent practitioner with the same expertise as the doctor, at the relevant time, or with the same qualifications, faced with similar circumstances would have acted in the same way.    However, if it is possible to show that a reasonable and competent medical practice of similar experience/qualification would have acted in the same way that your treating doctor did, then that care may not necessarily be considered negligent.    The area of medical negligence is quite complex and it is important that clients act quickly so as to ensure that they receive appropriate advice in a timely manner.   It is important to bear in mind that the Statute of Limitations provide very specific time periods for a person to initiate an action to recover damages for injury where they have been the victim of medical negligence.  Where a person fails to act within the requisite time period their case may become statute barred and they will not then be entitled to pursue an action for medical negligence.

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