Workplace Accidents & Injuries at Work*

It is important to bear in mind that your employer has a duty of care to you as an employee.     If you suffer an injury in an accident at work which is not your fault you may be entitled to pursue an action for personal injury compensation against your employer and/or their insurance company.   Your employer has a statutory obligation to ensure that your work environment is safe, that you work with safe people and that you have safe systems of work in place.    It is important to ensure that if you are involved in a work place accident that you report the accident to your employer and seek the necessary medical treatment which you require.  You should also seek legal advice so as to ensure that you are aware of your rights and your employers obligations.     Your employer has very specific obligations under the health and safety.

The cause of accidents at work which result in injury are  many and varied and include;legislation which must be complied with.    Where you suffer an injury as a result of an accident in work which is not your fault, you may be entitled to pursue an action for personal injury compensation which may include a claim for loss of earnings, medical bills and other appropriate expenses. Typically work place accidents involve the following

  • Injuries sustained whilst working with dangerous machinery
  • Back injury sustained whilst discharging work duties, usually lifting.
  • Poor machinery/plant.
  • Trips, falls or slips in the work environment.
  • Poorly surfaced working floors/stairs.
  • Lack of health and safety guidelines/precautions/safeguards.
  • Lack of training.

It is important to bear in mind that there is a positive obligation on your employer to train you and your work colleagues so as to ensure that you have a safe work environment.   Where an employer has failed to provide the necessary training this may result in a worker suffering injury.  In such cases a worker who suffers injury may be entitled to proceed to Court in respect of any injury sustained in work.

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