Employment Law Solicitors

Employment Law Solicitors at Crimmins Howard are happy to advise employers and employees regarding employment law. We have extensive experience in helping clients with employment law, be it when hiring employees, reviewing contracts of employment and HR policy or simply ensuring that a dismissal is dealt with properly and fairly.

As employment law solicitors, our experience has shown that employers and employees are not always aware of their rights and responsibilities in terms of employment law. Unfortunately, due to the recession in Ireland there is a continual increase in employees across the country losing their jobs due to difficult financial circumstances. If you are an employer, you must have regard to the statutory rights of employees and your responsibilities as an employer. If you are an employee, it is essential that you bring to the attention of your employer your rights and entitlements so as to ensure that you are treated fairly and that you receive what you are entitled to in the event that you are to be made redundant. Our firm advises both the employers and the employees and is happy to assist them with adhering to their employment law obligations. We provide specialist services to ensure that your rights as an employee remain protected so that you receive what you are entitled to in a fair, efficient and cost effective manner. We are happy to advise employees in all situations be it before, during or after their employment with a particular organisation.

Contact us today and we will be happy to advise you on how to proceed with your case.   To contact us, call us on 061 361088, email us at info@crimminshoward.ie and we will call you back. We are happy to meet you in the office for an initial consultation to discuss your case and thereafter to provide you with the benefit of advice so that you can decide how best to proceed.

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