Wills & Probates

When considering making a Will or changing an existing Will, we will be happy to advise and assist you where necessary. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding your will, probate or estate, and we will be happy to help you. We are happy to help clients who are in the vicinity of Clare and Limerick.

In particular, you should consider the following;

If you have been separated or divorced…
and have not reviewed your Will it is important to bear in mind that a Will made prior to separation or divorce may still be valid. You may have left property to a spouse from whom you are now estranged.

Do you own property abroad?
If you do, have you made a Will in that country and reviewed your Irish Will in the context of the foreign property? Has careful consideration been given so as to ensure that a foreign Will doesn’t revoke your Irish Will and that your Irish Will doesn’t revoke your foreign Will?

Have you recently married?
If you have, and if you haven’t made a Will since, any Will that you made before you got married is now likely to be invalid.

Where are your Executors?
If you made a Will some years ago, and your Executor has since left the country, do you need to appoint a new Executor who is an Irish resident?

Have you made a specific bequest or shares in a Company…
which has since been taken over, amalgamated or has merged to form a new entity? If so, a bequest of the shares by reference to the original name, may no longer be legally affective and you may have to change your Will to specify the new Company/Corporation.

Are you a farmer? If so, are you in receipt of EU Single Farm Payments?
Such payments are not automatically attached to the land, for testamentary purposes, i.e., if you want the single farm payment to go with the farm, you need to specify that in your Will.

Have you ever held a United States Green Card?
You may be liable for United States Federal and State taxes both now and on death.  The United States Taxation Authorities are quite active in pursuing outstanding taxes from persons whom they consider to be within the United States tax net, even though they may have been living abroad (e.g., in the Republic of Ireland) for many years.

Do you realise that if you have property abroad…
the tax rules there will be different to those here, for example, there is no gift or inheritance tax between spouses in this country. This may and indeed will not be the case in all other jurisdictions. Each country has its own rules, and where property is involved, the rules of the country where the property is situated are those which are likely to take precedence.

Contact us today and we will be happy to advise you on these matters.   To contact us, call us on 061 361088, email us at info@crimminshoward.ie and we will call you back. We are happy to meet you in the office for an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and thereafter to provide you with the benefit of advice so that you can decide how best to proceed with your estate planning, wills and probates.

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