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At Crimmins Howard, we provide an extremely valuable and competitive conveyancing service. So, whether you’re buying or selling your home, taking out a commercial lease or embroiled in a boundary dispute, our team of experienced conveyancing and property solicitors are on hand to provide expert legal and practical advice – giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail and our good standing relationship with auction houses, estate agents, banks, and other solicitor firms – ensuring that your transaction will be as quick and efficient as possible. We offer the following conveyancing services:

  • Sale and purchase of all property types.
  • Property investment.
  • Property development.
  • Planning and Environmental Law.
  • Landlord and Tenant.
  • Boundary/title disputes.
  • Commercial Leases.
  • Mortgage/re-mortgage.
  • Multi-unit development schemes.

In order to properly assess your needs, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss, in detail, your proposed transaction. We will then provide you with a transparent quotation. There are no costs hidden, and anything which cannot be ascertained will be fully explained.

Purchasing a property – our 6-step buyer’s guide

Buying a property can be one of the most stressful things you can do. At Crimmins Howard, we understand this – we know it can be frustrating, deflating and tiring. In fact, we’re right there with you and that’s why we will do everything in our power to make your property purchase as easy and as stress-free as possible.

We take a hands-on approach and we ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. We’ll take the time required to explain the process to you in plain English, so that you know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how long it’ll take.

Our easy-to-understand 6-step guide is the starting pointing to understanding how the process works. Obviously, there’s a bit more to it, but we’re here to answer any questions you have either face-to-face, by phone or by email.

Step 1 – Contact a credible and proven conveyancing solicitor

Choosing the right solicitor with enough conveyancing experience is important. They are the ones that make sure the title you are buying is good and that you’re not left with any nasty surprises weeks, months, or even years, down the road. They will advise you on every aspect of the transaction – things you should do, things you shouldn’t and the things you should plan for. They should even provide you with approximate timelines and when certain monies will fall due.

Step 2. Accessing medical records and obtaining expert reports

To go sale agreed, an Estate Agent will seek a booking deposit. This is fully refundable and it does not legally bind you to the transaction – meaning you can pull-out at any time. If you are purchasing the property with the help of a mortgage, this is the point at which you would inform your bank of the proposed purchase. Both the Estate Agent and your mortgage provider will ask you for your solicitor’s details – feel free to give them ours.

Step 3 – Pre Contract Enquiries

The seller’s Solicitor will send us draft contracts. At this stage we will also receive a standard set of documents from your mortgage provider (called the Solicitors’ Pack). Both of these documents will be reviewed by us. There will inevitably be some questions and queries that we will need to ask the sellers and we do this by sending them Pre-Contract Enquiries. We will keep you in the loop by providing you with a copy of these enquiries and it is at this stage that we will provide you with a final breakdown of the figures and when each portion becomes due.

Step 4 – Execution of Contracts

Once we are satisfied with the answers to our Pre-Contract Enquiries, we will arrange an appointment for you to come into our offices to sign the contracts and any relevant banking documentation. We will explain the contract to you and we will give you a detailed synopsis to the legal title of property. We will also fully inform you if there are any possible risks to be aware of. 10% of the overall purchase price is usually due on the day you execute the contract and once signed, you are committed to the transaction. Thankfully, you will have the benefit of our experience and expertise before doing so.

Step 5 – Closing

Approximately 4-weeks from the execution of contracts, we are usually in a position to close. We draw down your mortgage funds, carry out closing searches and we review all the closing documentation furnished from the seller’s solicitor. Once both sides are satisfied and the funds have been released to the seller’s solicitor, your keys will be made available for collection from the Estate Agent. The property is now finally yours.

Step 6 – Final touches

After closing there are few final bits and bobs to do. We will discharge the Stamp Duty and register the conveyance with the Property Registration Authority on your behalf. Once this is complete, we will send you confirmation of ownership and arrange to have the Title Deeds sent to your mortgage provider.

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