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Planning for a future that we are no longer feature in is not everyone’s cup of tea. At Crimmins Howard, we fully empathise with this view. However we also know, from years of experience, that those who do plan for this eventuality are taken aback by the feel good factor it brings – knowing that when the comes, plans are in place to ensure that your assets are transferred to those you love in the way you wish.

Whether you plan on transferring your assets after your death or during your lifetime, succession planning can help you do so in a cost-effective manner – protecting you, your family and your business from future complications and unnecessary tax bills.

Our team of expert succession law solicitors are here to advise on the following succession planning services:

  • Making a Will.
  • Creating an Enduring Power of Attorney.
  • Setting up trusts.
  • Transferring assets.
  • Taking advantage of tax reliefs.
  • Probate/Administration of Estate.

Making a Will

Whether young or old, making a Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled after your death. This vital document doesn’t take long to create but its benefits are immeasurable. It not only makes life easier for those you leave behind, but it ensures that your assets are distributed in the way you wish whilst avoiding any unnecessary taxation.

Many of us fail to make a Will or decide to write our own – wrongly believing that our wishes will be honoured anyway or that our words will be interpreted correctly. This is not the case. If you die without making a Will or if part of it is illegible or incorrectly worded, the law, not you, decides who gets what.

If you would like to make a Will, call our team of expert succession law solicitors. We will create one tailored to your individual needs and store it in our fire-proof safe. Don’t worry, if things change in the future, we can facilitate any amendments you would like to make.

Creating an Enduring Power of Attorney

Introduced in 1996, an Enduring Power of Attorney allows a person to make arrangements for how their affairs will be managed in the event that they become mentally incapacitated. This legal document allows you choose individuals act on your behalf if and when that time comes.

The person(s) you choose must be someone that you trust as they will have full use of and control over your assets. Normally this person would be a spouse or close next-of-kin, like one of your children or a sibling.

If this is something you are considering or would like to find out more about it, it’s important that you do so sooner rather than later as an Enduring Power of Attorney needs to be prepared at a time when you are of good health and sound mind.

Although the document itself is quite complex, our team of expert succession law solicitors will guide you through this process and will explain everything to you in plain English. We will take all the necessary steps required to complete the process with you.

Probate/Administration of Estate

Probate is the legal process allowing a person or group or people to deal with a deceased person’s estate. The authority to do so is contained in a legal document called a Grant of Representation. Those named on the grant are legally permitted to handle the deceased person’s assets i.e. everything they owned including property, money, shares, jewellery, artwork etc. Their task is to distribute the assets according to the Will (if one exists) or by law. This is known as the Administration of Estate.

Probate applications are required in the vast majority of cases and they can be quite complex and time consuming. That’s why it is vital that those acting in the administration of estates receive clear, expert, and timely advice. Our team of experienced probate solicitors are on hand to provide you with this advice and to provide guidance on all aspects of Probate and Administration of Estates.

At Crimmins Howard, we know that the death of a loved one can cause indescribable grief and pain.We also know that the last thing you want to do is deal with legal documents, bureaucracy, or disputes over the estate. That’s why we will do everything we can to make the process run as smoothly as possible. We’re here to do all the heavy lifting – giving you and your family space and time to grieve.

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